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Quality Ingredients

One essential component of a good malt whiskey is the highest quality barley malt. At Los Angeles Distillery, we use California grown malted barley of special character for our single malt whiskies. It not only will give more body to the whisky but also provides more basic flavor.

Besides crystal clear water, we use our proprietary strain of yeast to develop pleasant fruitiness in Glen L.A. single malts.

Master of Mashing

By optimizing the temperature treatment steps, the Masters of Los Angeles Distillery are aiming to maximize not only extracting the most flavors of the malted barley but also the most sugar to assure efficient alcohol processing.

Following a specific temperature treatment, the converted mash is transferred into the Lauter Tun to gain clear wort for fermentation.


Still 3 during the installation at LA Distillery

More Copper

Our 3000 Liter stills were built to marry traditional and modern distillation methods, which allow for forcing the whisky vapor through an increased copper surface resulting in elimination of most harsh and headaiche causing substances.

In addition, this marriage also helps collecting every drop of the cleanest and crispiest raw whisky.

Los Angeles Craft Distillery uses modern and traditional distilling techniques.

Master of Distilling

Based on many years of practice, during the distillation process the LAD Masters expertly separate the unhealthy substances from the drinkable spirits to give you the most pleasant sipping experience.

They select and monitor the finest spirits as they are collected in the spirit safe making certain that the boiling and cooling temperatures and the flow rate provide the highest quality whisky. 


Dominant: The Wood

During a decade of experimenting with oak the following was found that matter.

Tight grain of wood. Our cooper selects the tree directly from the forest, specifically looking for the “spring wood” with tight grain that makes the whiskey very aromatic and flavorful with low tannin content.

What gives higher aroma and flavor? Hungarian oak with our engineered internal surface geometry not only does that but also creates beautiful colors.

The best toasting and charring will create more joy for you while sipping our whisky.

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Glen L.A.


Glen L.A.


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