Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that
extraordinary success requires
extraordinary quality.

Los Angeles Distillery

 The maker of

Luxury Spirits  

    From Grain To Bottle


  • First we found a convenient place for the Distillery in Culver City.
  • Then we selected an incredibly efficient distilling system to provide highest quality spirit products built by Bavarian-Holstein Partners.
  • Ever since, we have been using local and other highly qualified ingredients to contribute the most aroma and flavor to the end-results.
  • During distillation, consistently careful attention is paid to the separation of unhealthy fractions of the alcohol.
  • After more than a decade of research, selected the wood, designed and engineered the shape, construction, and interior of our barrels to allow the desired intensity for spirits maturation.
  • Last, we have developed, in-house, a collection of aesthetically consistent bottles and their packagings.

As A Result, You Will Enjoy

  • A location in a neighborhood that is accessible, safe, and attractive.
  • Spirits that were produced on state-of-the-art machinery, and a shocking experience when you visit.         
  • Lovable aroma, great flavor resulting from the select California Non-GMO corn, flavorful malt and rye, sugarcane, and a special collection of herbs from the most exotic places of the Earth.
  • Spirits with no headache-causing sulphur compounds and other undesirable substances.
  • Our spirits undergone in real aging and maturation, resulting in maximum benefits from the barrels coopered from carefully selected and engineered oak, as opposed to various “accelerated” processes.          
  • Finally, you will enjoy the looks of the package, the leather and other box designs, the bottle, and the ingredients.


Luxury is by definition: superior performance, exclusivity, innovation, excellent craftsmanship, and sophistication in aesthetics.

The performance that our spirits deliver to you is repeatable joy with each and every sip surpassing expectations, supported by numerous awards.

By enjoying our limited handcrafted spirits you become a special member of an exclusive community of our brand enthusiasts sharing common values.

With a vision to produce luxury brand spirits, we carefully planned and directed an innovative spirit-making process – from the selection of the ideal tree for our casks, to the superb composition of ingredients for our spirits, to our modern distillation techniques for consistent results – so that we may bring you Excellence.

The incredible craftsmanship is represented not only by the spectacular machinery, but even more so by the the masterful artistry required for the proper nurturing of our spirits.

Finally, you shall come to expect sophistication and aesthetics in the presentation of the spirits and products of Los Angeles Distillery.


Hi-Rye Straight



All-Rye All-Malted

100% Rye

Virgin Oak

Triple Cask

Light Smoked

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Culver City, CA, 90232

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