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What makes

Glen L.A.

Single Malt Whiskies


…complemented and elevated by premium ex-wine barrels.

Bottled Unfiltered to preserve all aroma and flavor.

The Glen L.A. Trio

Glen LA Virgin Oak Single Malt Whisky

Virgin Oak

Glen LA Light Smoked Single Malt Whisky

Light Smoked

Triple Cask

We observe the world’s highest whiskey quality standards coded by the United States Congress in 1897 as the BOTTLED-IN-BOND ACT, thus declaring independence and authenticity without outsourcing our spirits: Our whiskeys are made in one distillery (ours), all are more than 4 years old, bottled at 100 Proof, made by one distiller, in one distilling season, and aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision.