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Los Angeles is a vast city, a city built on creativity. We aim to be whole heartedly part of our community. A community that remembers its roots yet appreciates the finer things in life. In that same vein, at Los Angeles Distillery, we bridge the gap between modern creativity and tradition. We are constantly creating new expressions while at the same time retaining what makes us great: our unrelenting commitment to high quality spirits.


 The outstanding quality of the oak bears 75% of the responsibility for the final aroma and flavor of our L.A. Beach Bourbon Whiskies. For the remaining 25% the raw materials, the science of mashing, the fermentation, the art of distillation, and the copper are responsible. This is a must try for bourbon lovers.



Made Only From Non-GMO

At Los Angeles Distillery we do not cut corners. From the wood we use to our cutting edge distillation process, every aspect of our spirits is carefully crafted with efficiency and quality to their core. Based on many years of practice, during the distillation process the LAD Masters expertly separate the unhealthy substances from the drinkable spirits to give you the most pleasant sipping experience.

Catalina Shipwreck Strength Rum

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